movable composting machine

Compost turner

This device is connected to the stacking frame through a bearing housing, and each of the main shafts is fixed with a turning shaft that is welded with a stacking plate. The bearing seat of the traveling device is fixed on the walking frame, and the two connecting shafts with the traveling wheel are fixed in the bearing seat, and one end of each connecting shaft I is connected to one end of the connecting shaft through the coupling, and is decelerated The two output shafts of the machine are respectively connected to the other ends of the two shafts II through a coupling.
The electric hoist of the hoisting device is fixed in the walking frame, one end of the wire rope is wound around the electric hoist, the other end is wound around the pulley block I and the pulley block II fixed on the turning pile frame, and the electric trolley connected with the connecting rod is connected On the walking frame, the connecting rod is connected to the stacking rack through the pin shaft. The utility model has the advantages of small energy consumption, thorough turning and stirring, high mechanical strength and simple structure.  


1. The fermentation cycle is short, the site is saved, the output is large, and the deep processing quality is high.

2. It adopts hydraulic device, which is flexible, easy to operate and has strong applicability to the site.

3. The machine gear design: travel (fast), work (slow) forward and backward four gears.

working principle:

The main shaft adopts a long knife bar with a left and right spiral and a small shaft diameter, so that the machine can evenly turn the material, has good gas permeability, high breaking rate and low resistance. The transmission part adopts a large pitch chain drive, which makes the power efficiency high, the noise is low, the operation is stable, and the slip is not slippery. The shape is fully sealed, safe and reliable. The appliance is fully controlled with one box, making it easy and safe to operate.


Model Turner width Turner height Motor Operating rate capacity 
HY2000 2000mm 600-800mm 36HP/27KW 8-12m/min 400-500 cubic meters/h
HY2400 2400mm 800-1000mm 75HP/55KW 8-12m/min 500-800 cubic meters/h
HY2800 2800mm 1000-1400mm 123hp/96kw 8-12m/min 1100-1350cubic meters/h
HY3000 3000mm 1200-1500mm 136hp/100kw 8-12m/min 1200-1500cubic meters/h