groove composting machine

Groove type compost turning machine
The organic fertilizer fermentation turner equipment is suitable for industrial fermentation of animal manure, domestic garbage, sludge, crop straw and other organic solids, and can also be used for feed fermentation.
The product adopts a trough structure, which can be designed according to the structure of the plant. The fermentation series used in the tank has the characteristics of simple operation, short fermentation cycle, sufficient fermentation, low pollution and convenient expansion.

Working principle
The main shaft adopts a long knife bar with a left and right spiral and a small shaft diameter, so that the machine can evenly turn the material, has good gas permeability, high breaking rate and low resistance. The transmission part adopts a large pitch chain drive, which makes the power efficiency high, the noise is low, the operation is stable, and the slip is not slippery. The shape is fully sealed, safe and reliable. The appliance is fully controlled with one box, making it easy and safe to operate.


Model Power(kw) Working speed(m/min) Turning speed(r/min)
HY250 13.2KW 1.2-1.5 50-60
HY300 27.5KW 1.2-1.5 50-60
HY350 27.5KW 1.2-1.5 50-60
HY400 35.5KW 1.2-1.5 50-60