fermentation tank

Tank organic aerobic fermentation machine is an efficient and environmentally friendly equipment developed by our company. The equipment utilizes the decomposition of microorganisms in nature. After continuous aerobic fermentation in a closed fermenter, the organic solid waste Microbial fermentation, deodorization and maturity, processing into organic crops can be used for high-quality organic fertilizer, aerobic fermentation is a less malodour, energy-saving access to high-quality organic fertilizer treatment.
Scope: chicken manure, pig manure, cow dung, kitchen food waste, municipal sludge and other organic waste.

The equipment is used in vertical closed tank structure, saving floor space, so it can save the installation place.The whole equipment structure is divided into three parts,
1. the lower part of the base station is equipped with hydraulic stations, fans and large thrust hydraulic mixing shaft.
2. Central part is for double-insulated tank, automatic control system equipment, unilateral base fertilizer export device, the tank wall 304 stainless steel liner, effectively extend the life of the tank and reduce the residual clinker residue, the middle of the polyurethane foam filling agentof the insulation (according to the different regional custom thickness),the outer wall made of thicker steel support tank.
3. The upper part of the shelter, testing platform and exhaust facilities and other devices form. Ancillary equipment automatic dump hoist, exhaust gas filtration system and other devices.

Model BLXQ-6000 BLXQ-5500 BLXQ-5000 BLXQ-4500 BLXQ-4000
Tank diameter(mm) 6000 5500 5000 4500 4000
Tank height(mm) 5410 5410 5310 5310 5200
Using area(㎡) 100 95 81 76 64
Tank volume(m³) 102 86 71 57 44
Processing capacity (m³/day) 8-12(moisture:50-70%) 7-10(moisture:50-70%) 5-8(moisture:50-70%) 4-7(moisture:50-70%) 3-5(moisture:50-70%)
Processing capacity (m³/day) 4-5( moisture:30%) 3-4.5( moisture:30%) 2-3( moisture:30%) 1.5-2.5( moisture:30%) 1-2( moisture:30%)
Blower(KW) 11*2 11*2 7.5*2 7.5*2 7.5*2
Hydraulic power station (KW) 7.5+2.2 7.5+2.2 5.5+2.2 4 4
Installed power (KW) 37.9 37.9 28.9 24.5 24.5
Run power (KW) 20 20 15 13 13