disc granulator machine

Disc granulator fertilizer machine
This granulator can not only produce organic fertilizer, but also produce inorganic mixed fertilizer, is indeed a low energy consumption and high quality granulating equipment.

111 222 organic fertilizer granulator pellets

Working principle
The materials flow into the dis and are carried to up and down while the disc rotates, meanwhile the Water spray device will add the water to make the raw materials together.The water added and disc Rotate make make the raw material become granules.

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How to adjust the granules size?
The granules size can be adjusted according to angle adjustment mechanism, it can adjusted from 35° to 50°. Then the granules will be bigger and small.

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The acceptable raw material
1. Chicken manure, cow dung, sheep manure, etc. various faeces.
2. Straw, distiller’s grains, rice straw, humic acid and other plant residues.
3. Urea, ammonium sulphate, etc. compound fertilizer.

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1. Granulation rate reaches above 95%
2. Low cost
3. Because the material fiber is thick and strong, it caused that the rotary drum granulator has low ball forming rate, and the spiral teeth granulator can not produce materials with a nitrogen content of more than 8% (easy to stick to the wall)

Model Inner Diam (mm) Side Height (mm) Rotation Speed ( r/min ) Motor Power ( kw )  Capacity 
HY15 1600 300 20 3 0.4-1(t/h)
ZL20 2000 350 16 4 0.6-2.0(t/h)
ZL22 2200 360 15 5.5 0.8-2.2(t/h)
ZL25 2500 380 13.5 5.5 1-2.5(t/h)
ZL28 2800 400 13 7.5 1-3.0(t/h)
ZL30 3000 420 12.5 11 1-4(t/h)
ZL32 3200 450 12.5 15 1-5.0(t/h)
ZL35  3500 460 12 18.5 1.5-5.5(t/h)


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