belt conveyor

Belt conveyor

Industrial Belt Conveyor System is a kind of machine that to transfer the material continuously. The belt works under the effect of frictional force. It is not only the components to transfer the material, but also the components to transfer the force.

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working principle

The active roller rotates under the driving of the motor, and the belt between the conveyor belt and the conveyor belt is continuously driven by the friction between the driving roller and the conveyor belt. When the cargo is transported to the end, the conveyor is unloaded due to the reversing direction of the conveyor belt. It can also be unloaded anywhere in the center with a special unloading device.
It transport bulk materials: such as stone, sand, coal, concrete, cement, gravel, fertilizer, mineral ore, limestone, coke, sawdust, wood chip, bulk material, grain, corn flakes, carbon black, component/part, etc.
Widely used in mine, metallurgy, coal mine, chemical, construction, food, machinery, building material, light industry, etc.


Belt weight (m ) Machine length   Tape speed  Transmission angle 
HY400 3-10( m ) 0.8-1.6(m/s) 10-22( °)
HY500 5-15( m ) 0.8-1.6(m/s) 10-22( °)
HY650 5-15( m ) 0.8-1.6(m/s) 10-22( °)


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