Organic Fertilizer Granular Production Line

Fertilizer Granules Photo

After the organic fertilizer is fermented, it enters the semi-wet material crushing machine, and then elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are added to make the mineral content of the material reach the required standard, and mixing them together, and then enter the organic fertilizer special granulator for granulation, and then Dry, cool, sieve and dry and finally package.

1. Organic fertilizer raw materials: animal manure, domestic garbage, straw, withered branches, biogas residue, waste gas bacteria, etc.
2. The fermentation is added to the fermenting bacteria in a certain proportion, and then the turning and polishing machine is used to accelerate the fermentation process.
3. The addition of mineral elements can be done by adding an automatic dosing system to evenly add materials.
4. The mixer mixes the fermented materials and mineral elements, and the horizontal mixer or the twin-shaft mixer can be selected.
5. Granulation selection of special granulator for organic fertilizer, high pelleting rate, large output, suitable granulator equipment according to materials.
6. Drying and cooling package.

During the granulation process, heat will be generated, part of the water will be removed, and dried in the dryer. It can be packaged directly or after cooling. The output is low, it can be directly packaged, and the output is large. Cooling machine can be used for cooling.

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