Disc Granulator Production Line

Fertilizer Granules Photo

The organic fertilizer production line includes: raw material preparing-fermentation-mixing-granulation-drying-sieving-packaging
Raw materials: chicken manure, cow manure, sheep manure, pig manure, animal droppings, earthworms, organic and inorganic materials, kitchen waste,humic acid,straw ect.
The fermentation system can be either groove compost fermentation or mobile composted fermentation. You can also choose optional deodorization and distribution system together with the compost tuner.

Mixing can be a horizontal mixer or a double -shaft mixer, it depends on the output.
The crushing system mainly depends on wetness of the material, and it is generally used a semi-wet material crushing machine.
Granulation system is disc granulator
Drying system: including dryer, induced draft fan, hot blast stove, dust removal equipment, heat source can be: coal, electricity, gas, it can be selected according to local actual conditions.
Screening system: It can screen the finished granules, and also screen the fermented raw materials. The screening machine can be primary screening, and the secondary screening for sieving better granules.
Packaging system: including packaging scales, sealing machines, silos. The sealing machine can be selected according to the material of the bag.

When you send me enquiry, please tell me:
1. The raw material you will process,is it composted or not?
2. How is the capacity you want?1-2T/H or more?
If you have any other request,please also email to me.